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J.C. Scott: Will Voting Rights Act ruling change Az's legislative districts?

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John C. Scott

J.C. Scott: Will Voting Rights Act ruling change Az's legislative districts?

On Tuesday's edition:

We started the show with Stephen Zunes, a professor of Politics and Middle Eastern Studies at the University of San Francisco. Zunes called in live from Sub-Saharan Africa, where he is interviewing people who were involved in the pro-democracy struggle against the Moi dictatorship in the 1980s and 1990s. He also updated our listeners on the latest news out of Egypt, Syria, Israel and Iran.  

35 minutes into the show, we were joined by developer Richard Studwell, who talked about many of the items before the Tucson City Council. Topics discussed included water limits for developers, private management of the Tucson Convention Center, the proposed "Gateway" retail complex on the northwest corner of Campbell and Speedway, city pensions and public transportation costs.

67 min: Next up was Northern Arizona reporter Jeff Demand, who described from Prescott the memorial service held for 19 fallen firefighters. Demand shared his observations of the very emotional gathering of tens of thousands of people from around the country. For information on how you can help, go to

92 min: We finished the show with's Mark B. Evans, who discussed his recent opinion pieces. "Mexico could be Tucson's savior: are we smart enough to embrace her?," and "Vail, if incorporated, needs a tax to succeed." Evans also commented on the U.S. Supreme Court's voter right's ruling that could affect Arizona's legislative districts and Tuesday's City Council meeting.

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