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Andy Goss drops out of GOP CD8 race

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Andy Goss drops out of GOP CD8 race

Andy Goss pulled out of the race for the Republican nomination in Congressional District 8 on Thursday morning.

That leaves four candidates competing to take on incumbent Democratic Rep. Gabrielle Giffords.

Goss threw his support to Jesse Kelly, who is vying with the remaining candidates: Jonathon Paton, Brian Miller and Jay Quick.

Goss announced he would leave the race at a press conference at Kelly's campaign office. He said fundraising difficulties due to his extensive travel for work led to his pullout.

"While I will never stop fighting for our country and for the ideals of conservatism, my work schedule and the necessity to provide for my family have made it very difficult to keep up with the requirements of the campaign trail," Goss said.

"With Andy's endorsement, the conservatives are now unified behind one campaign," Kelly said.

Arizona's primary election is Aug. 24.

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