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Arizona Rep. Paul Gosar's history of extremism

Note: This story is more than 1 year old.

Arizona Rep. Paul Gosar's history of extremism

The GOP congressman has supported the Bundy clan, pushed antisemitic conspiracy theories, and spoken at an event organized by a white nationalist

  • U.S. Rep. Paul Gosar

From his seat in Congress, Paul Gosar has done a lot for white supremacists and other extremists in recent months.

The Republican from Arizona has shared their ideas on social media and championed their causes on the floor of the House. He has given them the kind of legitimacy they would otherwise only dream of having inside the U.S. Capitol.

Last week, that dynamic came into play once again with the announcement that white nationalist and Holocaust denier Nick Fuentes planned to host a fundraiser for the six-term congressman as part of what Fuentes called his “White Boy Summer” tour.

“He is really, honestly, hands down the best congressman in America,” Fuentes said on a livestream Monday night from a Las Vegas hotel room. “He is the real deal.”

Gosar initially appeared to acknowledge the fundraiser, tweeting that he was “not sure why anyone is freaking out.” He even used the capitalized name of Fuentes’ group, America First, in the tweet. But as the uproar continued, the congressman began telling reporters in Washington that he had “no idea what's going on.” He stopped short of denying the event was or had been in the works.

The fundraiser was advertised to take place on Friday in Phoenix. Fuentes continued to promote the event through Thursday night. But both men went radio silent about it after that, leaving open the question of whether it even took place.

Gosar’s relationship with Fuentes goes back to at least February, when he was the surprise speaker at a conference in Florida organized by the 22-year-old. But Gosar has embraced white supremacist and other extremist causes for years. He has pushed antisemitic conspiracy theories, stoked the flames of the QAnon cult, and most recently sided with those who rioted at the U.S. Capitol.

In this story for The Informant, a news organization that tracks hate and extremism, reporter Nick Martin has compiled a (likely incomplete) list of times when Gosar flirted with or fully embraced the cause of extremists. Click to read more.

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