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JC Scott: Farley and Horne on Supreme Court actions

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John C. Scott Show

JC Scott: Farley and Horne on Supreme Court actions

SB 1070, health care reform & voter registration

Sttate Rep. Steve Farley—a Democratic state Senate candidate in LD9, state Attorney General Tom Horne and Editor Dylan Smith discussed this week's Supreme Court rulings on SB 1070, health care reform, and the court's refusal to continue a stay of a decision that blocks Arizona's attempt to require more proof of citizenship from voters than federal law allows.

Also covered: Citizens United, and Secretary of State Ken Bennett not accepting petitions containing 290,000 signatures for an initiative to continue a one-cent sales tax for education. Because of technical problems with the initiative filing, Bennett wouldn't accept the petitions. Backers said they'll appeal to the courts to get the measure on the ballot in November.

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