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J.C. Scott: TCC improvments approved

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John C. Scott

J.C. Scott: TCC improvments approved

On Wednesday's edition:

We started the show with Tucson Transportation Director Daryl Cole, who said that the 2013 Pavement Preservation Program is near completion and that the city is gearing up to start a five-year $100-million road improvement program approved by voters last year.

25 minutes into the show, we were joined by activist John Kromko, who has organized a petition drive to eliminate red light cameras and automated photo radar enforcement in Tucson. For more information go to

55 min: We were joined by financial advisor Shelly Fishman for a look a the latest business news from national and world markets. Fishman talked about market recovery in the wake of Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernake laying out the details about when and how quantitative easing would end. 

75 min: We finished the show with Rio Nuevo Boardmember Alberto Moore, who talked about the approval of $7.8 million dollars in improvements to the Tucson Convention Center. Improvements planned will include seating, acoustics, signage, lighting, a new color scheme and renovation to bathrooms, concession stands and breezeway. He also talked about the boards unanimous approval to open negotiations with Alan Norville for development an exhibition hall and a 250-room hotel across from the TCC.

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