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JC Scott: Villaseñor says 'SB 1070 undermines local law enforcement'

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JC Scott: Villaseñor says 'SB 1070 undermines local law enforcement'

Police Chief Roberto Villasenor said there is a body of case law defining what constitutes reasonable suspicion in other contexts, but no such guidance exists regarding illegal immigrants, and SB 1070 does not define the term—opening the door for lawsuits.

Mike Hellon, a Republican candidate for Pima County supervisor in District 1 was presented last week with the chief justice’s Distinguished Service Award for “Outstanding Contributions to the Arizona Judiciary.”

Jim Small, the editor of the Arizona Capitol Times reviewed political news from around the state, including SB 1070, the rejection of over 290,00 signatures on petitions for an education-related sales tax initiative, and congressional races around the state, which are starting to heat up.

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