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Brewer's approval numbers climb for third consecutive month

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Immigration & SB 1070

Brewer's approval numbers climb for third consecutive month

  • Gov. Jan Brewer
    WikipediaGov. Jan Brewer

Gov. Jan Brewer's support has gone up for the third month in a row, according to a new poll.

In April, Brewer signed SB 1070, a controversial immigration law, and has seen her numbers climb.

The most recent poll, conducted last week by conservative pollsters Rasmussen Reports, has 61 percent of likely Arizona voters saying they would vote for Brewer in the Republican primary for governor.

In May she got 45 percent support, in April it was 26 percent and in March it was 20 percent.

In the latest poll, Buz Mills garnered 16 percent and State Treasurer Dean Martin got 2 percent.

Eighty-nine percent of primary voters support the immigration law, and 66 percent of those voters favor Brewer.

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