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J.C. Scott: Details of Arizona's sales tax changes

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John C. Scott

J.C. Scott: Details of Arizona's sales tax changes

On Wednesday's edition:

We started the show with Democratic state Sen. Steve Farley, who talked about a deal he and fellow legislators cut for reform of Arizona's sales tax. Changing the transaction privilege tax system was one of Gov. Jan Brewer's top priorities this session.

19 minutes into the show, we continued our conversation with Ken Strobeck of the Arizona League of Cities and Towns, who is pleased with the agreement legislators passed in the final hours of the session. He believes the tax structure has been simplified and will give businesses much-needed relief.

38 min: We were joined by financial advisor Shelly Fishman, who analyzed Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke's comments earlier in the day. Bernanke said the slowdown of monthly bond purchases could start "later this year."

54 min: Up next was TUSD Boardmember Mark Stegeman, who talked about why he voted "no" on hiring H.T. Sanchez as the district's next superintendent. The lone hold out on a 4-1 vote felt that Sanchez's "record did not support his elevation to a job as difficult as this at this point in his career." Stegeman went on to say that now that the decision has been made he will support the new superintendent and wish him great success during his tenure.

74 min: We talked with Larry Hecker, chairman of the Pima County Bond Advisory Committee. Hecker shared with our listeners some of the input he received during last Friday's committee meeting. A wide variety of interests around the county are requesting approximately $1.3 billion in bond projects. The committee is tasked with cutting the list of requests to an expected $650 million bond package.

88 min: We finished the show with Sunnyside Governing Boardmember Buck Crouch, who expressed disappointment with the renewal of Superintendent Manuel Isquierdo, saying that his leadership style is not right for the district. Crouch added that Isquierdo has threatened to retaliate against him.

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