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J.C. Scott: Rio Nuevo Board member blames conspiracy

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J.C. Scott: Rio Nuevo Board member blames conspiracy

Rio Nuevo Board member Alberto Moore maintained a conspiracy is at the heart of the recent removal of Chairwoman Jodi Bain and member Rick Grinnell.

John C. also talked about the resignation of Martha McSally spokesman Sam Stone after an allegation that Stone gave a Ron Barber staffer campaign advice on how to beat CD8 Republican candidate Jesse Kelly.

Arizona Education Association President Andrew Morrill previewed next week's National Education Association's 150th annual conference. He also talked about the importance of proper funding for education, and voiced support for the proposed "Quality Jobs and Education Initiative" 1-cent sales tax for education.

Terry Dee, manager of Habitat for Humanity's Habistore, shared the history and good work the organization does locally, nationally and worldwide and discussed how Tucsonans can help by purchasing goods at the Habistore.

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