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Pima College seeking volunteers for probation committees

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Pima College seeking volunteers for probation committees

Pima Community College is seeking two dozen volunteers from the community to aid their efforts to address accreditation deficiencies that landed them on probation earlier this year.

PCC was placed on probation in April by the Higher Learning Commission after a review determined the college failed to meet accreditation requirements.

“The committees we’re forming will help chart the course that will lead us out of probation,” said Provost Jerry Migler in a press release Tuesday. “They will play a critical role helping to restore the HLC’s full faith and confidence in Pima by showing that we’re able to fulfill the accreditation criteria.”

A majority of the committee members will be from Pima’s faculty, staff and administrators, college spokesman C.J. Karamargin said in the release.

However, Migler said incorporating the community in the decision-making process will strengthen the review of the college's deficiencies.

Volunteers on the committee will attend either weekly or bi-weekly meetings with the possibility of additional work between the regularly scheduled meetings, Karamargin said.

Those interested in serving on the committee need to fill out an online survey by 10 a.m. next Tuesday, June 25.

A new chancellor, Lee Lambert, takes over the troubled school on July 1. Lambert has said he'll hold people accountable to address concerns about mismanagement and what the HLC called a "culture of fear and retribution" at the college.

Pima probation committees

Pima College is asking for volunteers to sit on committees to address issues related to the college's probation, including:

  • Mission
  • Integrity: Ethical and Responsible Conduct
  • Teaching and Learning: Quality, Resources and Support
  • Teaching and Learning: Evaluation and Improvement
  • Resources, Planning and Institutional Effectiveness
  • Assumed Practices
  • Federal Compliance
  • Multi-Campus Report
  • Follow-up from the SLO Monitoring Report
  • Follow-up from the current Monitoring Report
  • Response to concerns from the 2010 Self-Study
  • Response to concerns identified by the HLC in the probation sanction
  • Archive/Electronic Reading Room
  • Writing

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