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Pima County officials: Record heat requires extreme precautions

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Pima County officials: Record heat requires extreme precautions

With desert temperatures expected to reach highs from 110 to 116 degrees this weekend, Pima County officials are telling people to limit outdoor activities and enjoy Father's Day indoors. 

The National Weather Service has issued an excessive heat warning for southern Arizona beginning on Friday and running through Wednesday, covering Santa Cruz County, Pima County, and most of Cochise County. In the deserts west of Tucson, temperatures could peak to 120 degrees, said NWS. 

In a  news release, Pima County Sheriff's Department and the Pima County Health Department strongly encouraged people to "reschedule or revise" outdoor recreation plans, recommending that outdoor activities be limited to the early morning hours until 10 a.m. 

Two weeks ago, over the June 2-4 weekend, area temperatures peaked at 114 degrees, and sheriff's deputies rescued three hikers with heat-related illness. One man, 72, was rescued by deputies on June 3 and remains in critical condition after he suffered "extreme heat exhaustion" while hiking in upper Tanque Verde Falls. 

Other Pima County residents visited the hospital for heat-related illnesses after golfing. 

"This weekend will be even hotter, so please do all that you can to avoid heat exposure," officials said. 

Officials recommended that people limit outdoor chores and spend the afternoon and evenings indoors areas with "sufficient cooling" and drink plenty of water. 

They also said to never leave a pet, child, or anyone else in a parked car. 

Researchers at San Francisco State University conducted a study in 2003 that showed that the temperature inside a vehicle can rise to 114 degrees on a 95 degree day, and will rapidly rise to 140 in under an hour even with the windows open. 

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