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'New day' - Incoming PCC head calls for public input

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Pima Community College

'New day' - Incoming PCC head calls for public input

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The incoming chancellor of Pima Community College, Lee Lambert, reiterated his statements that he'll hold PCC administrators "accountable" as the college works to get off probation imposed by accreditors. Lambert said wants to hear from faculty, staff, students, community members and even disgruntled former employees as he works to determine the college's next steps.

"It's going to be a new day" at the school, Lambert told reporters Wednesday.

While Lambert is holding his cards close to his vest regarding changes he might make in Pima's administration, he continued to say that he'll expect accountability from school staff.

"We're going to begin to restore some of the credibility that's necessary as an institution of higher learning," he said.

"It all begins with the chancellor," he said, discussing changing what the Higher Learning Commission described as a "culture of fear" at the college.

Lambert said he would model "important behaviors that start to open the door to a new way of transparency and a sense of openness. So it begins with me," he said.

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