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J.C. Scott: Medicaid expansion expected on gov's desk Thursday

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John C. Scott

J.C. Scott: Medicaid expansion expected on gov's desk Thursday

On Wednesday's edition:

8 minutes into the show, we talk with Inside Tucson Business reporter Keith Rosenblum on the modern medicine and health care available just over the border in Mexico.

24 min: We interviewed DUI defense attorney Jim Nesci on the current state of privacy in America, new DUI laws, recent court decisions and a inside look at DUI defense.

58 min: We were joined by Ward 2 Tucson City Councilman Paul Cunningham, who talked about the city's General Plan, Grand Canyon University, Davis Monthan Air Force Base and the "Hoop Dreams: Control Your Destiny- A Life Skills Curriculum" program that he is involved in. For more information go to

76 min: We wer joined by financial advisor Shelly Fishman for our weekly segment, "Your Financial Future," as we took a look at the financial markets and thoughts on the coming summer months.

93 min: We wound up the show with Arizona Capitol Times Editor Jim Small, who updated us on the Medicaid expansion debate occurring Wednesday in the Arizona House, which is expected to vote early Thursday morning after a third read of the budget and Medicaid expansion bills, which cannot take place until after midnight.

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