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Palin: No Arizona Senate run

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Palin: No Arizona Senate run

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin won't make a run for the Senate from Arizona, she told a Phoenix television station on Friday.

Palin, who purchased a $1.7-million home in Scottsdale last month, dispelled speculation that should would seek to replace the retiring Jon Kyl in the U.S. Senate.

The 2008 Republican vice-presidential candidate told KNXV-TV in a brief interview at Sky Harbor International Airport that she hasn't considered a run for the seat.

"That's not, that's not what my plan is, no. Haven't really considered that at all but thanks for askin'... you have some great senators here though, I appreciate both of 'em," Palin told the ABC affiliate.

Palin ignored an inquiry about her possible presidential aspirations.

Palin, who resigned as Alaska's governor during through her first term, was the top choice of Arizona Republicans to run for the Senate seat in a poll early last month. 35 percent supported Palin, while 33 percent choose Jeff Flake and 11 percent J.D Hayworth.

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