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Dems block McCain's efforts to increase troops along border

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Dems block McCain's efforts to increase troops along border

Democrats blocked an effort Thursday by U.S. Sen. John McCain to add 6,000 troops to patrol the border.

Reports the Washington Post:

The McCain measure, which needed 60 votes to be considered approved, fell short on a 51-46 vote as part of the Senate's broader consideration of a $59 billion spending bill that funds the troop surge into Afghanistan and other emergency measures. The border-security battle has become the most politically contentious issue surrounding what has otherwise become a routine passage of the war supplemental bill.

On Tuesday, President Obama announced he would authorize a deployment of up to 1,200 troops to the southwest border, and request $500 million in supplemental spending for enhanced border security.

The $500 million will be used to enhance technology at the border; share information with state, local, and tribal law enforcement; and increase federal law enforcement activities (including more agents, investigators, and prosecutors) as part of a multi-layered effort to target networks trafficking in people, drugs, illegal weapons and money, Rep. Gabrielle Giffords announced Tuesday. 

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