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Arpaio criticizes Mexico tourism ad; says it threatens Arizonans

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Arpaio criticizes Mexico tourism ad; says it threatens Arizonans

Maricop Sheriff Joe Arpaio is criticizing a new Mexico tourism ad, saying it appears to threaten Arizonans.

The Sonora Turismo ad ran Friday in the Arizona Republic and shows a man in military garb looking at the reader through binoculars. The type says "In Sonora, we are looking for people from Arizona."

In a news release issued Monday, Arpaio says the ad "went well beyond being irresponsible, it appears to threaten Arizonans," according to the Republic.

“Until that country’s government apologizes, I sincerely hope Arizonans look elsewhere for a quick vacation spot.”

KTAR reports that Arpaio is worried about racial profiling.

"Are you going to racial profile me in Mexico, am I going to jail for two years in Mexico for violating the immigration laws in Mexico, will I be safe in Mexico."

On Saturday, an altered ad ran, the Associated Press reports:

Spokesman Adolfo Salido said the ad was to run for two days and that only half of it was published Friday. The rest ran in Saturday's paper and included the caption "In Sonora, we are looking for people from Arizona who want to have a great time;" that ad pictured people on the beach, having fun.

Javier Tapia, the coordinator for tourism for Sonora, said Monday that the Mexican state is "very interested in people from Arizona coming to have a great time. We don't want to scare anyone. We are very friendly."

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