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High Court could throw out case against Az tuition-tax-credit law

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High Court could throw out case against Az tuition-tax-credit law

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The Supreme Court could end a lawsuit challenging Arizona tax credits for donations to private schools.

The Court announced on Monday it would hear an appeal to a Ninth Circuit  ruling saying the law was unconstitutional.

The 1997 law gives taxpayers credit on their tax bills for contributions to a school tuition organization.

Opponents of the law say it's a way to funnel tax dollars – and students – to private and religious schools.

Reports the Associated Press:

Some Arizona taxpayers challenged the program as unconstitutional because religious organizations award most of the scholarships and require children to enroll in religious schools. The suit says the program amounts to an unconstitutional state endorsement of religion.

Supporters say taxpayers can donate to dozens of tuition organizations in the state and religious-affliated ones shouldn't be punished.

“The case was filed 10 years ago by the ACLU, which claims that the tax credit program advances religion because taxpayers—free from any government pressure—have independently decided to give more money to religiously affiliated School Tuition Organizations than to nonreligious organizations." reports the Institute for Justice saying. "Arizonans are free to give to any of the 54 organizations currently operating in Arizona, including many that are nonreligious.”

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