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J.C. Scott: Reforming state sales tax

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John C. Scott

J.C. Scott: Reforming state sales tax

On the Monday edition:

We started our show with developer and City Hall commentator Richard Studwell, who gave his take on the possible sale of El Rio Golf Course, city pay raises and pension funding, Downtown development, Rio Nuevo progress and proposed state sales tax reform.

40 minutes into the show, we were joined by systems analyst Mark Spear, who talked about his effort to place on the ballot an initiative to remove photo enforcement cameras from Tucson. He also commented on County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry's recommendation to discontinue Pima County's contract for photo enforcement at the end of this year.

50 min: We interviewed Glenn Hamer, CEO of the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry, who talked about Medicaid expansion, tax simplification, immigration and EPA regulations.

73 min: We talked with Ken Strobeck, the executive director of the Arizona League of Cities and Towns, who gave an update on sales tax simplification efforts at the Legislature. Strobeck said he has concerns about the impact of changes to how cities collect sales tax on construction materials. He also commented on city election legislation being discussed at the Capitol.

89 min: We finished with Hank Stephenson, reporter for the Arizona Capitol Times, who previewed the Medicaid expansion battle that moves to the Arizona State House this week. He also commented on a continuing series on the activities of lobbyists at the Legislature.

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