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Napolitano speech draws immigration-law protest

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Immigration & SB 1070

Napolitano speech draws immigration-law protest

  • Homeland Security Janet Napolitano from a National Guard speech in September.
    by The National Guard/FlickrHomeland Security Janet Napolitano from a National Guard speech in September.

A speech by Homeland Security chief Janet Napolitano at the Pomona College graduation drew demonstrators protesting Arizona's new immigration law.

"Wherever (Napolitano) and others who continue to support shameful immigration policies go, we're going to be there demanding change," Gerber told the marchers just before leaving for his graduation Sunday morning, the Contra Costra Times reported.

During Napolitano's speech Sunday, protesters chanted "Si, se puede!" (Yes, we can).

Protesters say they're upset Napolitano, the former governor of Arizona, wants to expand Bush-era immigration policies they say violate due process rights.

"Brothers and sisters, although we are seeking to stop the type of enforcement and racial profiling policies that are being carried out in Arizona, the reality is that some of those policies are here in our backyard," Jose Calderon, professor of sociology and Chicano studies at Pitzer College, told the crowd, reports the Los Angles Times.

They also decried the new Arizona law – SB 1070 – that makes illegal immigration a state as well as a federal crime.

Across the street, about a dozen silent counter protesters held American flags and signs supporting Arizona.

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