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Abused dogs abandoned at Humane Society

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Abused dogs abandoned at Humane Society

  • Vanna, left, and Lily were found abandoned outside the Humane Society.
    HSSAVanna, left, and Lily were found abandoned outside the Humane Society.
  • HSSA

Two severely abused dogs were found outside the Humane Society on Monday night. They were malnourished, covered with feces, and one had her entire right ear missing, a spokeswoman said.

The Humane Society of Southern Arizona is asking for the public's help in this animal cruelty case being investigated by the Pima County Sheriff's Department. If you know anything about these dogs and how they came to be in this condition, you are asked to call 88-CRIME.

"No dog deserves this,"said HSSA's Samantha Esquivel.

Both dogs are white female pit-bull mixes, and appear to be about three years old. "We're assuming they are litter mates," she said.

"Sometimes you can't wrap your mind around stories like this. You can't help but get angry when cases like this come in to the shelter," said Esquivel. "We must take measures to prevent things like this happening by working together to stomp out animal cruelty by identifying and reporting wrong doings."

HSSA staff are calling the two dogs sisters, and have named them Vanna and Lily, said Esquivel.

Vanna was found tied to the gate of the shelter, 3450 N. Kelvin Blvd., by a night time security guard. She was covered in dry feces, malnourished, and worst of all—her right ear was completely missing; exposing her inner ear to debris and infection. Lily, untied but waiting with her sister, was also malnourished, covered in feces, bite marks and scars, Esquivel said.

"It's horrific what some people do to animals," she said.

"They are doing awesome right now. They are super friendly, which is why it's so hard for us to understand how anyone could do this to them," she said.

The dogs' owners have 72 hours to claim the dogs before they become shelter property and eligible for adoption.

"Although, I think the vet will tell us Vanna needs to be in a foster home while her ear heals," said Esquivel.

How you can help

You can help HSSA  care for Vanna, Lily and all pets that are victims of cruelty by donating to the Second Chance fund. A donor has offered to match up to $5,000 in donations.

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