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J.C. Scott: Farley predicts quick state budget deal

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John C. Scott

J.C. Scott: Farley predicts quick state budget deal

On Wednesday's edition:

We started the show with Terry Dee of the Habistore, who told the story of Habitat for Humanity and invited listeners to support the organization by purchasing home building supplies and furnishings.

11 minutes into the show, we were joined by Mark B. Evans of, who talked about his latest column, "Tucson City Council and staff need to finally get on the same page." Other topics included Pima County's gas tax, road construction, Downtown revitalization and the possible sale of El Rio Golf Course to Grand Canyon University. Mark also took time to address Department of Justice obtaining the phone records of AP reporters and IRS targeting of Tea Party groups.

37 min.: We interviewed columnist Jimmy Zuma, who spoke from Washington D.C. about the scandals plaguing the Obama administration this week: the IRS, AP and Benghazi were discussed.

58 min.: We visited with Republican state Rep. Ethan Orr (LD9), who gave us an update from the Legislature. He believes an agreement on Medicaid expansion and the budget is near, and also commented on Arizona's infrastructure and sales tax reform.

80 min.: We finished the show with an interview of Democrat state Sen. Steve Farley (LD9), who echoed the Orr's comments, saying that he is seeing real movement on Medicaid expansion and budget negotiations. Senators were presented with a budget Tuesday and he predicted passage by the end of the week.

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