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J.C. Scott: Chuck Huckelberry on taxes, new Pima County Courthouse

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John C. Scott

J.C. Scott: Chuck Huckelberry on taxes, new Pima County Courthouse

On Monday's edition:

We started the show with Jim Kuliesh, president of the Alliance of Construction Trades, who invited business owners and listeners to the second annual AZBIZCON  to see the latest in construction equipment, products and services. The event will be Wednesday at the Hotel Tucson, 475 N. Granada Ave., 2-6 p.m. Kuliesh also commented on the need for skilled construction labor in the Tucson area.

15 minutes into the show: We interviewed developer and City Hall commentator Richard Studwell, who discussed city budget proposals, the relationship between Council members and staff, downtown revitalization and streetcar construction.

33 min: We were joined by Republican strategist Sam Stone, who talked about the latest on the developing story of the government tapping AP reporters' phones, IRS targeting of Tea Party organizations and his opinion of what direction the GOP should take.

54 min: We interviewed Pima County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry, who gave his take on the new county courthouse, property and gas taxes, and decisions facing the Board of Supervisors.

78 min: We talked to Central Arizona Project General Manager David Modeer, who talked about ongoing drought affecting the supply of Colorado River water and what role CAP is playing to ensure continuing access to water in the state. 

90 min. We finished with Jim Small, editor of the Arizona Capitol Times, who gave an update from the Legislature on the Medicaid expansion debate and how Gov. Brewer's proposals are making for strange alliances.

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