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Buz Mills: Cut education to pay for border enforcement

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Buz Mills: Cut education to pay for border enforcement

Buz Mills, the wealthy gun range owner running for governor, said on Monday he wants Arizona to eliminate educators so it can put more guards on the border and keep illegal immigrants in prison longer.

Buz Mills, who is seeking the Republican nomination for governor, said Monday he wants to cut education to put more guards on the border and jail illegal immigrants longer.

Mills released a campaign video weighing in on the immigration debate, reports

"If our border is a priority, we must prioritize accordingly," Mills wrote on Twitter a short time later. "This will mean some currently funded programs will be eliminated."

"We have plenty of things to cut from current budget," Mills wrote. Asked what, specifically, he would chop, Mills replied he would begin with school administrators.

"Education," Mills tweeted. "1:1 ratio of administrators to teachers. Cut admin to appropriate level – improve education while freeing budget $$$"

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