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J.C. Scott: Sheriff Estrada: Drug war can't be won without strategy change

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John C. Scott

J.C. Scott: Sheriff Estrada: Drug war can't be won without strategy change

On Friday's show:

We started with Patrick McNamara, Inside Tucson Business reporter, who talked about his latest article, "City goes all in  on business incentives downtown," and discussed the progress in constructing the Sun Link streetcar downtown.

20 minutes into the show, we talked to Arizona Education Association President Andrew Morrill. He congratulated graduates and future teachers, and talked about encouraging budget progress being made at the Legislature.

38 min: We were joined by Todd Lang, ex-director of the state Clean Elections Commission, who has announced he is stepping down to take a position as assistant U.S. attorney for Arizona. He also talked about his hope for the future of Clean Elections.

50 min: We interviewed Republican state Rep. Paul Boyer, who talked about his position on Medicaid expansion, Clean Elections legislation, sales tax reform and CPS funding.

72 min: We talked with Santa Cruz County Sheriff Tony Estrada, who shared his thoughts on proposed immigration reform and the challenges that he faces as a border sheriff. He also talked about what seems to be a never-ending war on drugs. A war that as it is fought now cannot be won, he said, saying that "weaning people off drugs" and eradicating poverty are necessary to eliminate the drug problem.

91 min: We finished our show with an interview of's Dylan Smith, who broke the news that Pima Community College has picked a leading contender as it searches for a new chancellor for the school.

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