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J.C. Scott: Arizona's economy showing signs of recovery

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John C. Scott

J.C. Scott: Arizona's economy showing signs of recovery

On Wednesday's show:

We started with economist Jim Rounds, vice president of Elliott D. Pollack & Co., who gave an in-depth look at Arizona's economy, including a look at Medicaid expansion, rising pension costs, industry and small business growth.

30 min. into the show we were joined by Steve Kozachik, Ward 6 Tucson City councilman. His subjects included the possible sale of El Rio golf course to Grand Canyon University, employee pay raises, rising pension costs, streetcar construction, budget and downtown development.

58 min: We talked with Mark B. Evans, administrator of, about his latest opinion piece "Stop paying for road maintenance, raise the state gas tax." He also commented on streetcar construction, rising pension costs and other Tucson budget challenges.

76 min: We were joined by financial advisor Shelly Fishman, who gave us our weekly market update, commenting on the Dow over 15,000 and still having room to run.

91 min: We wound up the show with Ken Strobeck, executive director of the Arizona League of Cities and Towns, who gave us an update of the Legislature's attempts to reform Arizona's sales tax system. He also talked about consolidated election reform legislation stalling, leaving cities with no direction on when to hold elections.

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