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Pima College trimming number of campus presidents

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Pima College trimming number of campus presidents

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Facing the lost of millions in state funding, Pima Community College will cut the number of campus presidents in half, going from one for each of the school's six campuses to three. Each administrator will take charge of two campuses.

The move, which will save the school about $800,000 per year, was announced by Chancellor Lee Lambert this week. Lambert had floated the idea of cutting the number of campus heads in February, as the college began brainstorming ways to respond to a cut of about $7 million in state funding.

Coupled with declining enrollment, PCC needed to plan for cuts of about $10 million over the next five years, Lambert said.

Included in the cuts will be two positions at PCC's district headquarters in addition to the elimination of three campus president posts.

Effective July 1, the school's top campus leaders will be:

Lorraine Morales, a longtime Pima administrator, will continue overseeing the Community Campus and become the leader of the East Campus.

David Doré will continue as president of the Northwest Campus — a job he began about 10 months ago — and take over the Downtown Campus.

Morgan Phillips, also recently hired, will continue to lead the Desert Vista campus and become the head of the West Campus.

The head of the school's West Campus, Lou Albert, is set to retire. The East and Downtown campuses now have interim presidents.

In response to the elimination of state funding for PCC, the college's Governing Board raised tuition about 7 percent for next year, and in March asked employees if they would consider taking unpaid time off.

Update: College spokeswoman clarified Friday that the cuts at district headquarters include two positions, one of which is currently vacant.

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