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Dupnik says 'liberty in severe jeopardy' in WSJ op-ed

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Dupnik says 'liberty in severe jeopardy' in WSJ op-ed

Patrolling for illegal immigrants 'like trying to keep water from passing through a sieve'

Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik continued to assail Arizona's controversial SB 1070 immigration law, penning an op-ed piece for the Wall Street Journal on Wednesday.

The opinion doesn't mince words:

I have argued from the moment that this bill was signed that it is unnecessary, that it is a travesty, and most significantly, that it is unconstitutional.

Pima County, where I am sheriff, shares 123 miles of border with Mexico. Patrolling this area for illegal immigrants is like trying to keep water from passing through a sieve.

Dupnik says that Pima County does not have the resources to take on the burden of immigration enforcement.

The sheriff says that SB 1070 is too vague to enforce:

Those who look "suspiciously" like illegal immigrants will find their liberty in severe jeopardy and their pursuit of happiness disrupted—even if they are citizens or have lived, worked, paid taxes, and maybe even have served in our Armed Forces for decades.

Dupnik repeats his contention that the feds need to step up border enforcement efforts:

Law enforcement did not ask for and does not need this new tool. What we do need is assistance from the federal government in the form of effective strategies to secure the border. Additionally, the federal government must take up this issue in the form of comprehensive immigration reform policy. If any good is to come from this firestorm, it is that our legislators will finally recognize that a problem exists and that they are the only ones with the authority to address it.

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