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J.C. Scott: DUI laws and MMJ

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John C. Scott

J.C. Scott: DUI laws and MMJ

On the Thursday edition of the John C. Scott Show we broadcast from the law offices of Nesci and St. Louis, who specialize in DUI law.

We started with attorney Jim Nesci, who talked about Arizona's DUI laws and the heavy cost of drinking and driving.

12 min. into the show, we were joined by the president of the Arizona Parent Education Network, Ann-Eve Pederson, who gave her take on the climbing cost of student loans, K-12 education funding, Common Core standards, and performance-based school funding and school vouchers.

34 min.: Jim Nintzel of the Tucson Weekly talked about immigration reform, Medicaid and AHCCCS, the race for governor and recent troubles at the Arizona School for the Deaf and Blind.

52 min.: We interviewed our co-host for the day, DUI defense attorney Jim Nesci, who talked about new state penalties for driving under the influence of alcohol, medical marijuana and prescription medication. He also gave advice on choosing the right representation after a person has been charged. As Nesci talked about the risk and public danger the under the influence drivers present, we also took a lot of calls from listeners with questions of their own.

85 min.: We wound up the show with Arizona Capitol Times Editor Jim Small. Jim covered the latest news out of the Legislature, including an update on the Medicaid expansion negotiations between Gov. Brewer and Senate and House leadership. He also talked about bills that have been signed and those still awaiting Brewer's signature.

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