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Teens to talk at Town Hall on Thursday

From the archive: This story is more than 10 years old.

Teens to talk at Town Hall on Thursday

After the Tucson Unified School District Governing Board canceled its meeting Tuesday because of a rowdy protest by supporters of the ethnic studies program, it's clear that some Tucson teens have the urge to be heard.

A teen town hall meeting Thursday morning will give students the chance to discuss any issues they have on their mind, organizers said.

The meeting has been planned for several weeks, and is not a direct response to the protest, said Sgt. Matt Ronstadt, a spokesman for the Tucson Police Department.

TPD Chief Roberto Villaseñor and the president of the Youth Advisory Council/Tucson Teen Congress, Alexis Enos, will moderate the event.

The meeting is sponsored by the Metropolitan Education Commission, the Youth Advisory Council/ Tucson Teen Congress and the police department.

Approximately 350 teens from the Sunnyside, Amphitheater, and Tucson Unified School Districts are expected to participate, Ronstadt said in a news release.

Superintendent John Pedicone will attend "attend at least a portion" of the meeting, said TUSD's Karen Bynum.

"Youth will have the opportunity to meet and share their suggestions and concerns with our adult community leaders representing local, state, and tribal entities," said Enos in the release. "Our goal is to work together to build safer and healthier neighborhoods and communities."

The meeting will be held Thursday at the Sunnyside High School auditorium, 1725 E. Bilby Rd., from 9 to 11 a.m.

Editor’s note: This story was updated to report that Pedicone will attend the teen town hall. Earlier Wednesday, Bynum told the Sentinel that he would not.

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