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J.C. Scott: Pima County wants to keep road-repair gas tax

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John C. Scott

J.C. Scott: Pima County wants to keep road-repair gas tax

On the Friday edition of the John C. Scott Show:

We start the show with RTA/PAG Transportation Services Director Jim DeGrood, who talked about Pima County's idea of keeping a gas tax that supports road repairs, which is slated to end this year.

20 minutes into the show, we interviewed Democratic state Rep. Bruce Wheeler (LD10) on the Legislature's continuing battle over Medicaid expansion.

35 min: Jimmy Zuma, a columnist for illed us in on the action Congress took to stop FAA furloughs. Speaking from from Washington D.C., he also updated our listeners on the latest news in the immigration debate.

50 min: We started our 4 p.m. hour with Jesse Lugo, former president of the Service Station Dealers of Arizona. He talked about the need to continue the expiring gas tax, which was originally intended to clean up old and leaking service station tanks. The Arizona Legislature has been sweeping funds from the program for years.

65 min: Middle East expert Prof. Stephen Zunes gave us the latest news out of Syria on the possible use of chemical weapons in the civil war. Zunes talked about what options the U.S. may have if these weapons are being used.

80 min: We finished with attorney Don Loose, legal advisor to the John C. Scott Show, who examined new laws in Arizona and how they will effect you in coming years.

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