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All that hand-washing not reflected in Tucson Water usage

Note: This story is more than 3 years old.

All that hand-washing not reflected in Tucson Water usage

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You might be washing your hands a whole lot more these days, but Tucson Water figures haven't (yet) shown any substantial COVID-19-related changes — except there's no longer an early-morning peak in use, officials said.

Numbers for the month of March are the latest available, and "there does not appear to be a noticeable shift in water use for that time frame," said a Tucson Water spokesman.

Neither residential nor commercial water usage for March are substantially different than previous years, despite the coronavirus outbreak and the closure of many businesses, the numbers show. And those numbers were pretty much the same for January and February this year.

"I did just hear that our daily pattern has shifted," said Fernando Molina, spokesman for the city-owned water utility. "We used to have an early-morning peak in usage, but that seems to have dropped off, and we just see a gradual increase over the morning, then it tapers off."

The shift is likely due to "no morning rush to get ready for work at the same time," he said. "It gives a new meaning to beating the peak!"

Water use

Shown in 100s of cubic feet of water - 1Ccf = 748 gallons

UseMarch 2016 March 2017 March 2018 March 2019 March 2020
Single Family 1,543,471 1,488,861 1,386,210 1,275,461 1,343,872
Duplex-Triplex 41,581 40,999 37,794 36,398 36,381
Multifamily 516,295 505,545 487,645 457,787 452,402
Sub-Mtrd MHP 30,192 30,971 29,301 25,923 28,009
Commercial 715,632 616,987 570,121 528,438 549,982
Industrial 28,759 29,311 28,085 10,905 26,965
Construction Wtr 22,600 22,807 18,661 23,432 13,502
UseJan-20 Feb-20 March 20
Single Family 1,352,636 1,377,974 1,343,729
Commercial 525,172 551,096 529,024

— 30 —

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