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Pima looks for public input on chancellor search

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Pima Community College

Pima looks for public input on chancellor search

As it searches for a new head, Pima Community College said it wants public input and will create a webpage and email address to inform the public and solicit comments.

"We want to use every tool in the toolbox," PCC Governing Board Chairman Scott Stewart said in a news release. "The public needs to be confident that the process is fair, transparent and robust."

Those with comments on the search for a new chancellor for the college can email

"The board hopes its constituents will express their opinions and offer suggestions about all aspects of the selection process" via email, PCC spokesman Paul Schwalbach said in the release.

Also in the works, a webpage "that will serve as a clearinghouse for information related to the search process." PCC did not release a URL for the page.

At a meeting Tuesday, the Governing Board outlined other steps in the search process. The college will be accepting RFPs from executive search firms, and create an advisory search committee composed of community members, PCC employees and students.

A search firm could be hired by July 1.

The advisory committee "will work closely with the executive-search firm and likely will consist of 20-25 people," Schwalbach said.

Finalists for the position should appear in public forums "to allow the community and PCC employees to meet and hear" from them, he said.

Pima is currently led by Dr. Suzanne Miles, who was named interim chancellor in February, when Dr. Roy Flores stepped down because of health reasons.

Miles announced she would not seek the permanent position when some critics noted that other candidates were unlikely to apply if it appeared she had the inside track on the job.

Instead, Miles will return to PCC's Community Campus as its president when a permanent hire is made.

From the release:

Chairman Stewart has described the chancellor post as being similar to a CEO of a medium to large company. PCC's chancellor oversees an annual budget of $288 million, about 1,500 full-time employees and academic programs that serve more than 75,000 students.

PCC's six campuses and education centers include nearly 1.7 million square feet of facilities and 539 acres of land. Each year, the College purchases goods and services valued at about $75 million.

Major elements of the chancellor selection process include:

· Request for Proposals for an executive-search firm: The Board intends to hire an executive-search firm in order to ensure the best-possible pool of prospective candidates for chancellor. The Board will hold a public meeting to hear presentations from search-firm finalists and is hopeful a firm can be hired by July 1.

· Search Committee: The Board will create an advisory search committee that will work closely with the executive-search firm and likely will consist of 20-25 people. The committee will have representatives from groups that have a stake in the College, Board Member Marty Cortez said, including local K-12 school districts, the University of Arizona, members of the PCC Governing Board, business owners, students, PCC employee organizations, and non-profit and community organizations. "We are throwing the door open," Ms. Cortez said.

· Finalists: The College intends to hold public forums to allow the community and PCC employees to meet and hear from each finalist. College representatives also may visit the campuses of finalists currently working at institutions of higher education.

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