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Goddard launches campaign for governor

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Election 2010

Goddard launches campaign for governor

  • Attorney General Terry Goddard officially launched his campaign for governor on Monday.
    Kevin Asher/TucsonSentinel.comAttorney General Terry Goddard officially launched his campaign for governor on Monday.
  • A crowd gathers at The Old Courthouse to hear Goddard speak.
    Kevin Asher/TucsonSentinel.comA crowd gathers at The Old Courthouse to hear Goddard speak.

Attorney General Terry Goddard kicked off his campaign for governor Monday with a morning speech in Phoenix, followed by a press conference in Tucson.

Invoking the names of such Arizona statesmen as former Rep. Morris K. Udall and former U.S. Sen. Barry Goldwater, Goddard pledged to work toward bipartisanship to achieve his goals.

“In the Attorney General's office, we don't check anyone's political party. The only thing that matters is who can do the best job,” said Goddard. “We have a rich history of folks working across the aisles to bring us better roads, better schools, and a more secure water supply. That's the kind of Arizona government we want, that's the kind that produces results, and that's what we deserve.”

Goddard, whose Tucson appearance was at The Old Court House, 115 N. Church Ave., also spoke at length on border issues, praising his staff for work they've done in “cracking down on border crime,” and his own efforts to secure the border, as he promised to continue that work as governor.

“I've walked with the EPA, Border Patrol, the FBI, ATF and ICE, along with the county sheriff, the Department of Public Safety and local police forces in fighting border crime. We work as a team . . . (it's) the only way to be effective against the cartels: the violence, the funds and the sophistication of the most serious criminal threat in this world today.”

Goddard listed other plans, including job creation in emerging industries, tax credits and cuts to stimulate the economy and improving Arizona's public education system, as flagship issues his administration would address. He linked improvement in the educational system to economic and industrial growth throughout Arizona.

“Businesses will come to Arizona and expand here when our work force is trained to compete against the world. The road to recovery must run through our schools.”

Samuel Pearson “Terry” Goddard served as mayor of Phoenix from 1984-90, and unsuccessfully ran for governor in 1990 and 1994. Goddard is the presumptive Democratic nominee in this fall's gubernatorial race, although former Hill staffer Miguel Olivas has filed papers to participate in the Democratic primary. Goddard initially announced his candidacy in January.

The Democratic nominee will face the winner of this August's Republican primary, when Gov. Jan Brewer will fend off challenges from several Republicans, including Tucson attorney John Munger and state Treasurer Dean Martin.

When asked how he would keep attention focused on his campaign in a political year marked by attention-getting GOP primaries in the gubernatorial race and elsewhere, Goddard responded: “I plan to do my own program. If they want to fight it out, let them. This campaign is about what I am going to do for Arizona.”

“The state we love is broke, and our system is broken. It's time to make Arizona work again. And that's why I'm running for governor.”

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