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Biden, Hobbs order flags to half-staff to honor victims of Nashville school shooting

Biden, Hobbs order flags to half-staff to honor victims of Nashville school shooting

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President Joe Biden and Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs have ordered that flags be flown at half-staff through sunset on Friday to honor the victims of Monday's school shooting in Nashville, Tenn.

Six people, including three children, were shot and killed Monday morning at a private K-6 school associated with Covenant Presbyterian Church. The 28-year-old assailant, a former student at the school, used three legally purchased guns in the attack, officials said. The shooter was shot to death by police officers.

Biden said lowering the flags was "a mark of respect for the victims of the senseless acts of violence."

Biden issued a half-staff proclamation on Monday, and Hobbs did so Tuesday.

"As flags across our state and our country are lowered for the six victims of school gun violence in Nashville, we mourn their loss, along with all others killed by gun violence," Hobbs said. "Our schools should be safe places for students and teachers, this could have and should have been prevented."

Officials said the victims were:

  • Evelyn Dieckhaus, 9
  • William Kinney, 9
  • Hallie Scruggs, 9
  • Mike Hill, 61, school custodian
  • Katherine Koonce, 60, school head
  • Cynthia Peak, 61, substitute teacher

"The Congress has to act. The majority of the American people think having assault weapons is bizarre; it’s a crazy idea. They’re against that. And so, I think the Congress should be passing the assault weapons ban," Biden told reporters Tuesday morning.

"I want to remind you, the last time we passed the assault weapons ban, violent shootings went down, mass shootings went down for 10 or however many years it was — 9 years," the president said. "So I can’t do anything except plead with the Congress to act reasonably."

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