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$500K in hard drugs seized at Nogales crossing

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$500K in hard drugs seized at Nogales crossing

Nogales-area Customs and Border Protection officers seized more than $500,000 in hard drugs in multiple smuggling incidents over the past week, including one attempt by a 13-year-old girl to smuggle methamphetamine in the United States.

This Wednesday, officers at the Dennis DeConcini crossing arrested a 30-year-old U.S. citizen after they found 21 packages of methamphetamine worth $80,550 inside the firewall of a Ford F-150's being driven by the man, according to a release from the agency. 

Officers first detected the packages using an X-ray backscatter scanner and confirmed the packages were narcotics with a drug dog, the release said.

On Monday, officers at the Dennis DeConcini crossing arrested Odetta Espinoza, 26, after a drug dog led officers to discover nearly 30 pounds of narcotics hidden in her Suzuki SUV, the agency said in a separate release. 

Officers seized nearly 14 pounds of heroin, worth around $200,000 and nearly 15 pounds of cocaine worth close to $154,000, the agency said.

Last Friday, DeConcini officers arrested a 38-year-old male Mexican national after they found nearly 35 pounds of methamphetamine worth more than $104,000 hidden in his Ford van. 

That same day, officers at the Morley pedestrian crossing searched a 13-year-old Nogales, Ariz., girl and found more than two pounds of methamphetamine taped to her chest and legs. 

Officers estimated the drugs, separated in four packages, to be worth more than $6,700.

On Saturday, officers at the Mariposa crossing arrested a 34-year old Mexican man when a drug dog led them to discover 25 pounds of cocaine worth nearly $263,000 hidden in the rear of his Chevrolet truck. 

Officers seized the drugs and vehicles and turned over all five of those arrested to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Homeland Security Investigations.

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