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Tucson Rep. Patterson bounced from committee

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Tucson Rep. Patterson bounced from committee

Criticism of Pearce's border policies get him ousted

  • The Arizona State Capitol building in Phoenix.
    stevesheriw/FlickrThe Arizona State Capitol building in Phoenix.

Tucson Rep. Daniel Patterson was removed from a House committee because of remarks he made to another legislator.

Patterson was challenging Sen. Russell Pearce, R-Mesa, on his border security suggestions and responses on how many people have been killed along the border during a hearing before the House Committee on Military Affairs and Public Safety.

"Your approach to immigration policy has failed for years. I can assume you don't have the answers or just make them up," he said, according to the East Valley Tribune.

House Speaker Kirk Adams, R-Mesa, said Wednesday that those comments went too far.

"A lack of decorum simply cannot be tolerated,'' he said.

House Minority Leader David Lujan, D-Phoenix, called Adams' decision "overreaching" and asked Adams to reconsider.

"It is our duty as lawmakers to scrutinize those bills and ask tough questions," Lujan said during the floor hearing, reports the Arizona Republic. "We should not be censored for doing so."

Patterson reported in his blog on Wednesday:

“Rep. Daniel Patterson time and time again has supported our veterans as a member of the committee,” said retired Army General John Adams of Tucson. “He’s one of the best representatives we’ve got up there supporting our military service men and women.”

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