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Martin, Mills lead Goddard in Az governor's race poll

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Election 2010

Martin, Mills lead Goddard in Az governor's race poll

Terry Goddard trails two potential Republican opponents in a survey of Arizona's gubernatorial race.

The likely Democratic candidate for governor trails State Treasurer Dean Martin, a candidate for the Republican nomination, 43 to 38 percent in a poll of likely voters, says Rasmussen Reports.

6 percent favor another candidate in that matchup, while 13 percent are not sure of their choice.

In January, Martin led Goddard, the current attorney general, by 9 percent.

Republican Buz Mills, the political newcomer who launched a television advertising blitz, now leads Goddard 43 to 37 percent. 7 percent prefer another candidate, and again 13 percent are undecided.

Incumbent Republican Governor Jan Brewer is facing a challenge, Rasmussen finds:

Brewer, embroiled in the state's budget crisis, now trails Goddard 45% to 36% in her bid for reelection. 12 percent of voters like another candidate, and 7 percent are undecided. In January, Brewer and Goddard were in a virtual tie after the Democrat held a nine-point lead in November.

Against former state GOP Chairman John Munger, Goddard holds a 42% to 36% advantage. 13 percent of voters pick some other candidate, and 9 percent are undecided.

More from the polling firm:

Male voters prefer Martin and Mills to Goddard among male voters but move into the Democrat's column when Brewer or Munger is the Republican in the race. Female voters lean toward the Democrat unless Martin's on the ballot.

Similarly, voters not affiliated with either party prefer Goddard over Brewer or Munger. But unaffiliateds give a slight edge to Martin and Mills over Goddard in those match-ups.

Rasmussen says 85 percent of Arizona voters are at least somewhat concerned with drug-related violence in Mexico crossing the border, with 60 percent very concerned. Voters are split on what concerns them more: 45 percent say illegal immigration, and 43 percent say Mexican drug violence is a greater concern.

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