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Note: This story is more than 2 years old.

Bloomberg campaign staffers handed walking papers, despite job pledge

The staffers of the Mike Bloomberg presidential campaign were laid off suddenly on Friday, despite promises that they would have jobs through the November election. That includes six employees in Southern Arizona, and 50-60 in the state.

Campaign documents provided to TucsonSentinel.com indicate that staffers are being paid through April 7, with health insurance being cut off on April 30.

"I haven't been on a date in months but got screwed by a billionaire so it's all looking up," said one of the Tucson staffers.

Bloomberg hired on a massive wave of staffers across the country after announcing his late entry into the Democratic presidential primaries, with his campaign assuring them they'd have jobs through the November election whether the former New York City mayor was the nominee or not.

After a wave of voters failed to materialize on Super Tuesday, Bloomberg indicated that he would form an independent political action committee and transfer those staffers to it, promising to fund a push against President Donald Trump through the general election.

Friday, Bloomberg instead donated $18 million to the Democratic National Committee, and advised his campaign staffers that they could apply for jobs working directly for the Democrats.

The layoffs came after weeks of mixed messages, freshly unemployed staffers said.

"Normally, I like to keep it on the DL when I lose my job, but today it's news," said one campaign worker in Tucson.

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Despite Bloomberg's widespread claims that all of the employees would be paid through November in an effort to unseat Trump, the employment agreement included a signed acknowledgement by staffers that they had "no right of continued employment," and job offer letters stated that employment was "at will," without any binding pledge of a post through the election.

"We've all been on pause since Mike dropped out. We were told that we were being switched over to Mike's super PAC which was going to be called 'Blue Wall.' To keep us occupied we were collecting signatures for down-ballot Democrats, but when the virus started to spread, we were told to stay home," a staffer said.

"As of last week, we were told to look at this as a paid vacation until we heard from our state director," said the now-laid-off worker. "On Tuesday we had a statewide call where they told us that it looked like we were getting canned but nobody was sure, and our state director wasn't able to get answers from anybody. There was a nationwide call set up for Wednesday, but they moved it to today."

"On that call, a lady from HR was very brief and telling us that nobody could have predicted what happened on Super Tuesday, and that we were all being let go, and we'd be sent a link to be considered for a position by the DNC," the staffer said.

"She hung up without answering anybody's questions. The NY Times dropped the story literally as we were getting the news," one of the Bloomberg staffers here said.

The layoffs total hundreds of workers across the country.

One former Florida field organizer tweeted that he's "disappointed I don't have a job. Not surprised that a billionaire is cheating scum."

The workers being laid off are being allowed to keep their campaign-supplied laptops and phones, if they want to pay the taxes on them.

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