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Marana closing bars, allowing only take-out & delivery food over CV-19

Note: This story is more than 3 years old.

Marana closing bars, allowing only take-out & delivery food over CV-19

  • Town of Marana

Marana authorities declared a coronavirus state of emergency Thursday, ordering all bars and gathering places to close and allowing only limited restaurant service, a move that greatly expanded an earlier declaration that called for voluntary limits.

The latest proclamation by Mayor Ed Honea follows the pattern set by the city of Tucson and Pima County, declaring that a number of businesses where crowds are a regular occurrence must be closed from 8 p.m. Thursday through at least March 31.

Honea had declared a "state of emergency" over coronavirus Tuesday, but stopped short of ordering any specific limits on gathering places such as bars and restaurants.

The county declared a state of emergency Thursday morning, while Tucson ordered bars to close on Tuesday.

The new Marana order closes all bars, cinemas, theatres, gyms and other fitness facilities, bowling alleys and all other indoor entertainment centers, and limit all food service to carry-out and delivery only.

Under the town's proclamation, members of the public are prohibited from entering restaurants and other food service facilities to consume food or beverages. Pickup/take-out and delivery of food will still be allowed.

The closure order also covers breweries and distilleries, theatres and cinemas and outdoor performance venues, hair salons, spas, museums, gyms, bowling alleys and other recreational and entertainment facilities.

Not affected are grocery stories, pharmacies and drug stores, food banks, cafeterias in health care facilities, or banks and credit unions.

The order also encourages churches to limit gatherings and observe social distancing guidelines.

Under state law, the mayor has the power to declare states of emergency and close certain businesses, impose curfews, and declare areas off-limits.

44 coronavirus cases in Arizona, 7 in Pima County

Forty-four Arizonans have now tested postive for COVID-19 as the pandemic continues Thursday and the number of people being tested in the state increases.

The number of known cases grew overnight, up from 28, as more tests are being run after weeks of limited access.

There are now 44 total cases diagnosed in the state, with officials expecting many more to be found. New cases were confirmed in Pima County on Thursday morning, bringing the total here to 7.

Just 331 people have been tested by the Arizona Public Health Laboratory, while private labs coming online are not reporting the total number of tests to state officials. Prior to Tuesday, the state lab had tested 221 patients suspected of carrying the virus. The state lab has now ruled out 175 people with negative tests.

Statewide, there have been 44 positive results, with 130 pending tests at the state lab, as of Tuesday morning.

Sunday, just 183 people had been tested, with 12 positive cases and 50 pending tests.

One of the Pima County cases is a patient at the Tucson VA hospital, who was diagnosed on March 14 and is still be treated in isolation by the Southern Arizona VA Health Care System.

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