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Oro Valley man bitten by suspected rabid coyote

Note: This story is more than 2 years old.

Oro Valley man bitten by suspected rabid coyote

  • The potentially rabid coyote that bit an OV man.
    Game and FishThe potentially rabid coyote that bit an OV man.
  • Game and Fish

A man in Oro Valley was bitten on the leg Thursday by a coyote that is possibly infected with rabies, officials said.

The man, a resident of the Sun City development, was bitten Thursday afternoon while working on a cycle outside, an Arizona Game and Fish spokesman said.

Authorities are searching for the animal, which is described as "mangy and in poor condition." Officials released a photo of the coyote, which has a hairless tail because of mange.

The man was being treated for possible rabies exposure and the bite injury.

Last week, two other people in Southern Arizona were bitten by possibly rabid animals.

A potentially rabid skunk and a fox that may also carry the disease bit two people in separate incidents March 5. A person sleeping in a campground in the Santa Rita Mountains and another person in Sabino Canyon were each bitten, and are being treated.

A man sleeping near the Arizona Trail in the Santa Ritas south of Tucson was bitten in the face by a skunk while he was sleeping, said an Arizona Game and Fish Department spokesman.

Within an hour of that incident, a person in Sabino Canyon was bitten on the ankle by a fox.

Both animals were killed by the bite victims, who said the behavior of the animals was abnormal, said AGFD's Mark Hart.

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