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Tucson 2nd amendment group has anti-gun businesses in their sights

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Gun rights

Tucson 2nd amendment group has anti-gun businesses in their sights

Pro-gun establishments also listed in database

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Should you be a diner for whom the bill of fare of a restaurant is secondary to how the establishment feels about the 2nd Amendment, fledgling organization Boycott Anti-Gunners, or BAG, has started a database of "gun-friendly" and "anti-gun" businesses in Tucson.

The organization, which began with a database of anti-gun establishments provided by its members and had 158 Facebook friends (as of Tuesday afternoon), has recently added a pro-gun database as well.

The group's website explains its mission: "This site makes it easier for you to choose another restaurant or shop." Carriers of concealed weapons can employ the list to save themselves from being refused service if they are carrying.

According to BAG, anti-gun business owners violate their rights as citizens. "Places that post the 'no-guns' sign undermine the Constitution, especially 2A."

BAG also encourages its membership to ask employees who refuse them service because they are carrying firearms: "Ask them! What is their reason to ban guns? Do they just site [sic] 'that’s my right' and get defensive?  Not good enough!  If they want our business, they must answer the question."

When BAG questioned chain restaurant Chipotle about their no-guns policy via email on Feb. 23, Customer Service Manager Joe Stupp responded that Chipotle was not anti-gun, but had decided that they would exercise their legal right to refuse service to those who carried weapons.

BAG's response to Stupp with what has effectively become their mission statement: "Our intention is to have constructive dialogue to find out why some owners choose to make it illegal (for law-abiding citizens that CCW, with the CCW permit) to patronize their establishments and to positively promote those restaurants that allow citizens that due CCW, to continue dining in their places."

While the exchange of emails was cordial and professional, much of the rhetoric on BAG's website, including the following excerpt from its "Why?" section, takes a more confrontational tone:

"If a business owner thinks a “NO GUNS” sign is going to increase safety, they must be stupid, insane, or have alterier [sic] motives. This is key . . . the goal of a business owner who bans guns is either a selfish fear of litigation (they would rather see you die at the hand of a criminal than face a lawyer) or, their motive is in support of a total ban on guns."

The group has planned their first "CCW dinner" for carriers of concealed weapons March 17 at Monkeyburger, 5350 East Broadway, whose entry in the database includes a note that BAG member David Bliss was offered a 10 percent discount for carrying a weapon. Monkeyburger has extended the same discount to all BAG attendees at the dinner.

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