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Sheriff: Jan. 8 investigation may be released soon

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Sheriff: Jan. 8 investigation may be released soon

Video recording of shooting no included in release

The investigative file on the Jan. 8 shootings may be released within the next two weeks, a Pima County Sheriff's Department spokesman said Thursday afternoon.

Nearly 3,000 pages of documents are being reviewed by the department, and personal information on victims and witnesses - such as addresses and phone numbers - is being redacted, said Deputy Tom Peine.

The file includes the official case report, and transcripts of interviews with victims and witnesses, along with evidence sheets and other documents generated during the investigation, Peine said.

Not included in the count are the numerous photographs taken at the crime scene, he said. Many of those photos will also be released.

Peine said that the most graphic images may be withheld by the department.

A surveillance video of the shooting rampage that killed six people and wounded a dozen others is not in the department's possession and thus won't be released, Peine said. The FBI has a copy of the tape, he said.

Peine said he doesn't have personal knowledge of PCSD ever having had a copy of the video, or if it was first obtained by the FBI, which took over the investigation the day after the shooting.

The cost of reviewing the records isn't yet known, Peine said, as the Records Unit is continuing to work through the documents.

While Arizona laws make law enforcement files public records, the release of the Jan. 8 file had been blocked by U.S. District Judge Larry Burns.

Burns, who last year sentenced gunman Jared Lee Loughner to seven life terms, had sealed the records at the request of prosecutors to ensure the shooter's right to a fair trial.

Burns said last month that it's now up to PCSD to determine what to release, the federal case being closed.

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