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Close your curtains if you're up to no good

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Google Street View

Close your curtains if you're up to no good

  • Coming (back) to your street soon: Google Street View.
    Dylan Smith/TucsonSentinel.comComing (back) to your street soon: Google Street View.

If you're up to anything untoward, you might want to close your curtains over the next few days.

Camera-equipped cars from Google Street View are in Tucson, roaming the streets to update the Internet giant's repository of photos of every house on every block, everywhere.

Wednesday night, nearly 20 Google cars topped with cameras were parked at a North Stone Avenue motel.

Tucson was first added to the list of cities featured on Street View in 2007. Google regularly updates its photographs of cities around the world by driving photo vehicles up and down streets, compiling pictures of buildings.

The vehicles are equipped with 9 cameras, global positioning sensors and laser range scanners.

Street View offers 306 degree horizontal and 290 degree vertical panoramic street-level views through Google Maps. The company blurs faces and license plates before making the images public.

The Web is replete with sites cataloging the many naked sightings, men leaving strip clubs, apparent drug deals and other oddities captured on Street View. There's probably a site where you can find a list of them all, even.

So if you're caught on camera wandering across your living room without any pants on, or have any other of your activities exposed to the world, don't say we didn't warn you.

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