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Council OKs measure banning gun sales without checks

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Council OKs measure banning gun sales without checks

Wednesday, the Tucson City Council gave final approval to a ban on selling firearms on city-run property without a background check - a measure introduced earlier in the month.

The move may effectively halt gun shows at the Tucson Convention Center.

While gun-rights activists opposed the resolution, and have promised to seek to overturn it in court, the Council included a backstop in the measure, vowing to halt all gun shows on city property if a legal challenge halts enforcement.

Gun show organizers say that about 30 percent of sellers at TCC shows are private parties without direct access to the federal background check system.

The Council voted unanimously Feb. 5 to back a proposal by Councilmembers Steve Kozachik and Karin Uhlich to require background checks on city-owned or managed property.

Here's the heart of Wednesday's formal resolution approving the policy:

WHEREAS, the City of Tucson therefor desires to enact and implement a requirement that all firearm sales that occur on property owned and/or managed or operated by the City, including sales by sellers who are not federally licensed firearm dealers, shall be subject to a condition that the transaction can be completed only in instances where the buyer has first successfully cleared a background check; and

WHEREAS, the Mayor and Council further desire to provide that in the event that a legal challenge to the requirements put into effect under this Resolution results in the delay or enjoining of the implementation of this Resolution or any of its requirements, that the City shall not permit the use of the Tucson Convention Center or any other property that the City owns and/or operates in its proprietary capacity for the purposes of a gun show or other use involving the sale or transfer of firearms until such time as the requirements of this Resolution are in effect and implemented.

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