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Alcohol-related deaths make Tucson No. 9 on 'drunkest' list

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Alcohol-related deaths make Tucson No. 9 on 'drunkest' list

Liver disease, fatal DUI crashes put city in top 10

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Tucson cracked open the top 10 drunkest cities list, staggering in at No. 9.

The list appears in the March issue of "Men's Health" magazine.

Tucson's rank isn't based on how much we drink, said Matt Marion, deputy editor for Men's Health, it's based on how deadly our drinking is.

Tucson's deaths from alcoholic liver disease and DUI-related crashes are what vaulted the city into the top 10, Marion said. Although he wouldn't reveal the magazine's exact findings, he acknowledged that alcohol-related deaths produced worse scores for Tucson.

Tucson's twitterati have been abuzz about the list, toasting our "accomplishment," but a look at why we're ranked so highly might dampen some spirits.

The "least drunk" city? Boston.

Really? The boys over at "Men's Health" must be consuming something besides alcohol to come up with that. But Marion explains Beantown's ranking.

"Some cities might have a reputation for drinking a lot, but they're not killing themselves," Marion said.

Fresno tops the list, which also used binge drinking, and DUI laws and arrests in its criteria.

Phoenix stumbles at 18th. Although they had more DUI arrests, few people were killed in alcohol-related crashes.

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