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Broadway/Craycroft traffic cameras open eyes Friday

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Broadway/Craycroft traffic cameras open eyes Friday

  • One of Tucson's first red light cameras, in 2008.
    housechick/FlickrOne of Tucson's first red light cameras, in 2008.

The red light cameras at the intersection of Broadway and Craycroft Road will go live at noon on Friday, the Tucson Police Department said.

The photo enforcement cameras are "are fully functional and ready for activation," said Sgt. Diana Lopez in a new release.

Warnings will be issued to drivers snapped by the cameras for the first 30 days. After a month, the system will be used to issue traffic citations, she sadi.

The cameras and sensor system can capture images of drivers who speed toward the intersection, as well as those who run red lights, Lopez said.

"Speeding up to beat a red light is an intentional act and one of the most dangerous driving behaviors that a motorist can engage in," Lopez said.

Drivers should "adopt a 'red means stop' as opposed to 'yellow means speed up”'mentality as they approach intersections," she said.

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