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25 arrested in bad-check crackdown

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25 arrested in bad-check crackdown

Rubber checks came bouncing back Thursday, to the chagrin of 25 people who had written over $11,000 in bad checks to local businesses, the Pima County Attorney's Office said.

They were arrested as part of a countywide crackdown, a press release from the office said.

"The arrests are part of the office's ongoing efforts to ensure that bad-check writers are found and held accountable," said David McDonald, director of the PCOA's Bad Check Program.

"Our goal is to make sure restitution is paid to the businesses and residents who have been victimized," he said in the release.

Before arrests are made, the county attorney "first sends a notice informing writers of bad checks that a warrant has been issued for their arrest and explaining their options. Those arrested Thursday had received such a notice within the past month but failed to pay full restitution or turn themselves in," the release said.

"The crime of issuing a bad check can have a devastating impact on businesses and individuals in our community," said Pima County Attorney Barbara LaWall.

"To combat this problem, the Bad Check Program has handled more than 127,000 bad checks and returned more than $13 million to local businesses and individuals since its inception 16 years ago," she said.

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