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Jackalope award, poem laud Ally Miller's budget blasts

Note: This story is more than 3 years old.

Jackalope award, poem laud Ally Miller's budget blasts

  • Miller, the Jackalope Award, and Jenney.
    courtesy Leslie D. WhiteMiller, the Jackalope Award, and Jenney.

Pima County Supervisor Ally Miller was named a 2017 Local Hero by the Koch brothers-connected Americans for Prosperity this week, receiving a taxidermied specimen of the mythical creature of the Southwest deserts, the jackalope.

Tom Jenney, a leader of the Arizona chapter of the anti-tax, anti-regulation lobbying group, presented Miller with the award during a supes' meeting on Tuesday.

He penned a poem to mark the occasion, reading it as he presented the District 1 Republican with the award:

Twould take too long for here to tally,
the things we laud in our dear Ally.
Indulge me please and do not rue,
as I do list a very few.

To spending she would take an axe,
and fight against each new sales tax,
push for roads and beat down bond,
of contracts crony, she's not fond.

In Star and Weekly she takes her lumps,
but blame her not for holes and bumps.
Derided much and called a "loon,"
but voted not for flame balloon!

And how respond, ye ruling three,
to this your buzzing, stinging bee?
We hope that you will oft give thanks:
for dissenting voice within your ranks!

And so we give this jackalope,
to show to Ally sign of hope.
We wish her well and best of luck,
in future tangles with the Chuck.

Jenney said he was "sorry I didn’t reference the Sentinel in my doggerel!"

— 30 —

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