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Keep up with the latest Tucson Coronavirus Updates with our Facebook group

Note: This story is more than 1 year old.

Keep up with the latest Tucson Coronavirus Updates with our Facebook group

Because facts are greater than fear.

Join thousands of our fellow Tucsonans and Southern Arizona residents in a healthy discussion of how we're all dealing with the COVID-19 outbreak in's TUCSON CORONAVIRUS UPDATES group on Facebook.

Click here to join.

The group, which already includes nearly 9,000 members (and counting!), is run and moderated by the staff of, our community volunteers and other experts and journalists from the area. As Southern Arizona reacts to the COVID-19 pandemic, we've created this community for readers to share their stories and questions and to keep up with the latest reporting from, important national news organizations, and local authorities.

In this group you can ask reporters questions, tell stories about how your family, friends and workplaces are reacting to the virus, and share resources with members.

We do have a few rules, to keep a respectful, focused conversation going:

In this online forum we do not permit advertising, fundraising posts, political appeals or personal attacks. Please be respectful of other members' posts and discussions: Follow Wheaton's Law. Our usual User Guidelines are in place:

THIS SHOULD BE MORE THAN an additional general news feed. LOCAL relevance and context is important. If you're sharing information and links, comment on why you think it's important for people to know and let them know how they can use it to inform people in their own social networks.

PLEASE DON'T post polls, petitions and political calls to action — there are other venues for that. Please do share links to information sources, rather than screenshots.

PLEASE DO indicate when you're sharing your opinion. Don't state your personal assessment or prediction as a fact. Because, frankly, it isn't.

PLEASE DON'T make authoritative pronouncements about subjects in which you're not knowledgeable. This isn't a time to play instant expert.

BEFORE YOU SHARE A LINK, check to see if the story has already been posted in here. We can have more informative conversations if the comments aren't scattered across 13 shares of the same thing ; )

Posts or comments that break the guidelines in the judgment of the management will be DELETED. Thanks for your understanding, Karen, but customer service is just a little busy right now. You can file a complaint later. We'll get right to it, promise.

Group members who post unsafe/dangerous/downright stupid comments/advice/unfounded "medical" opinions may be removed and/or blocked at the sole discretion of the management. Don't be a crackpot.

Reporters or editors may contact you for a potential story based on your posts and comments. If you want to contact us directly or send a news-tip email:

You can sign up to read our reporting in our free email update newsletter here:

Follow all of our COVID-19 reporting here:

Be safe. Be well. Wash your hands. Stay at home as much as you can; don't be a vector. Don't hoard things, so others go without. Don't panic-buy; those grocery workers are doing their best and working hard. Wash your hands. Wave at people but don't walk up to them. Be kind to one another.

And Stay The F Home. Really.

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