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Ebay vendor selling memorial knockoffs can't spell 'Tucson'

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Ebay vendor selling memorial knockoffs can't spell 'Tucson'

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The seller of knockoffs of the t-shirts distributed at the Wednesday memorial service for the victims of Saturday's shooting rampage can't spell "Tucson."

Replicas of the "Together We Thrive: Tucson and America" shirts are being sold for $22.90 on the auction site, which lists them as "'TOGETHER WE THRIVE' T-SHIRT (GABRIELLE GIFFORDS)TUSCON."

The University of Arizona had the original shirts made to distribute at the memorial. UA officials were not immediately available to comment on whether they consider the sale to be a copyright violation.

The listing says "a portion of the proceeds" will benefit shooting victims:

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of each shirt will be donated to the care and rehibiliation of the victims of the tragic Tuscon shooting.
Please Pray for healing.
Please specify your size
We earnestly hope that this message of healing and solidarity can be used to assist the victims in the time of their greatest need.   In the days after the Columbine tragedy, we sold over 30,000 shirts for the victim's families.  We hope that you and your friends will respond to this message with charity and grace.

The seller, takdrive, sells a range of t-shirts, ranging from tributes to the rescued Chilean miners to a shirt referencing Glenn Beck that features the Colonial rattlesnake.

Many of the shirts bear Christian themes, such as a parody of the AC/DC logo that says:


The seller has not yet replied to an email requesting comment.

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